Probuild site supervisor saves a life

It is a Probuild requirement to have at least one defibrillator on any of our construction sites, hear from Greg McCay, WA Site Supervisor about how the project defibrillator saved the life of a member of the public.

A story from Senior Site Supervisor, Greg McCay

We were in the 1:30 coordination meeting at Perth's NV Apartments, when a member of the public ran in and asked for a defibrillator, stating that someone had a heart attack on Murray Street; The victim was already going blue. 

I rushed into the first aid room, grabbed the defib and we both ran down Murray Street where I found a man having CPR performed on him. At that stage he did not look good. He wasn't breathing and attempts to revive him where not working, despite frantic CPR compressions.
The lady who was performing CPR took charge of the defib, while myself and another other bloke kept a close eye, keeping members of public away. 

The defib administered a noticeable charge and, almost instantaneously, breath from the patient was noticed. As their shallow breaths became more pronounced, the ambulance arrived and continued CPR. The patient remained unconscious while they applied an oxygen mask. He was then stabilised and removed to hospital. 

I was later informed by a St John Resuscitation Coordinator that the gentleman was alive and in hospital. The quick thinking and location of the defib, together with the St John App on the iPhone, saved his life. 

It's also worth noting this was first time the new App had worked in WA to save a life. You can download it here and for further information click here

Sarah Cuscadden