On Saturday, 18th May the VicPol team safely and successfully installed the Level 12 Link Bridge between the existing 313 VicPol building and 311 VicPol project.

The operation took months of planning for approvals from Stakeholders including PTV, Southern Cross Station Management and VicPol 313 Building Operations.

The lift was completed using a dual crane lift methodology via the 310D tower crane and a 450t mobile crane located at the rear of 313 VicPol building.

McKay Cranes supplied the lift study which was reviewed by John Stella, and formed part of the High Risk 'Gates'review, due to the construction complexity and high level of co-ordination and planning required across several trades.

The Link Bridge is 22m long, 4.5 m wide, 5m high and weighed 16 tonne.

Congratulation to all involved and a great milestone for the project and Probuild. 

Sarah Cuscadden