The Incolink bus was successfully launched at our 311 Spencer Street Project in July. The event brought together various organisations that all have a keen interest in looking after the health of construction workers.

Key representatives from Incolink (CEO - Dan O'Brien), Australian Prostate Centre - APC (CEO - Mark Harrison),  Dr Jan Crowe (APC), PPTEU and CFMEU.

Our own Simon Gray led the Probuild support for this important initiative.

Did you know that:

  • This year there will be 19,000 new cases of prostate. It's the third leading cause of death in Australia for men, but if you are diagnosed early enough, you can be treated and back at work within a matter of months.

  • 40% of men don't have a GP - so the Incolink bus brings a GP to you!


"Health is your biggest assest, so don't take it for granted", said Dr Jan Crowe. "Like a car, your body needs to be serviced".

Ross Murphy (APC ambassador)  shared his learnings:

  • Look for the symptoms of Prostate cancer

  • Check your family history, as there is a strong link

  • Communicate health issues openly

Probuild is proud to support the Incolink Bus at our construction sites.

Sarah Cuscadden