Bringing the Internet of Things to Safety at Probuild

Probuild is excited to announce a tripartite collaboration agreement has been executed with CSIRO’s Data61 and Internet of Things (IoT) start up Ynomia

The collaboration will deploy BLEAT (Bluetooth low energy active) sensors, across Probuild construction sites to provide workflows, asset tracking and improved HSE insights. Objectives are set for smart program scheduling, via Ynomia’s IoT platform, with AI predictive outputs for construction management.

“We’ve been seeking to digitise our onsite construction system (PCS) workflows, since last October. We are excited to have landed on this collaboration, leveraging Australia’s most cutting edge IoT technology (BLEAT). Developed by Data61 and Ynomia, the guys have really been able to bring the transformative power of IoT to life, for the unique construction operating environment” said Probuild’s Victorian Managing Director, Luke Stambolis. 

Sarah Cuscadden