Building safety greatness

Greatness is a word we don’t take lightly. 

Our rally cry isn’t ‘she’ll be right’ or ‘that’ll be good enough’. Our business isn’t built on mediocrity, and we’re not here to do a half-arsed job.

No, together we aspire to ‘building greatness’. 

This isn’t language of average, and that’s why we’re at the top of our game. We’re proud of the work we do, and the people we do it with. But greatness goes beyond quality and service — it extends into every aspect. 

That’s why we’re committed to building safety greatness. 

Not just as lip service for our clients or shareholders, but because we genuinely care about the people we work with. 

Greatness is as much about finishing the job without incident, as it is about bringing a project in on time and on budget. It’s as important to us that we all go home safe, as it is about a job well done.

We’re not saying it’ll be easy. Heck, we can promise it won’t be.

Real care takes courage. Not saying we care — that part is simple. But the actions that support it takes guts. Because safety isn’t about group hugs or kind words — it’s more likely found in the tough conversations and the confidence to stand up to our mates.

We need to move past compliance and into commitment. Our systems and processes are tight, but let’s not forget the people behind them. Intuition isn’t a word typically associated with safety, but our gut has been keeping us alive for centuries — so when we feel that familiar pucker, we stop and speak up. 

Finally, let’s stay proud in the work that we’re doing, but never stop pushing for better. Choosing the safer way, even if it’s the harder way — never copping out and taking shortcuts.

None of this is easy. But it's how, together, we continue to build safety greatness.




Our 3 foundations



Potential catch-cries:

We give tough love

IT Takes COURAGE to care

it takes real courage to really care


drink a cup of concrete, and speak up 

Harden up — SPEAK UP

Guts before glory

Saying we care is easy, showing we care is much harder. 

It’s been conditioned into us since we were young: caring is soft; doing things by the book is for suckers; asking questions makes us annoying. 

It’s no wonder we don’t want to be seen as that guy: the stickler for the rules; The Goody Two Shoes; The Nervous Nelly; the person who points out when others are doing it wrong. 

No, we’d rather be seen as easy going. Just a good old bloke — laid back, not ruffling any feathers. Happy to turn a blind eye when one of our bros is being a bit dodgy.

But, we’ve got this all wrong.

Really caring takes guts

Because being a mate and keeping a mate safe are exactly the same thing — but the behaviours look different to what we’ve been brought up believing.

Shutting up is simple, but speaking up takes a hairy pair. It takes real courage to call out a mate; a willingness to tackle tough conversations; the confidence not to worry about what others might think.

So, let's all share a cup of concrete and speak up.

Safety isn’t about easy — it takes courage to care.

Our ACTIONS & behaviours

We lead with empathy.
We show we care by giving tough love.
We speak up when we see something wrong.
We stop when we see something wrong.
We stop when we see something right.
We bother to get to know people.
We share stories when we can.
We always say ‘good morning’, and we mean it.
We treat everyone like a member of our extended family.
We are ok with being the only one that disagrees.
We aren’t afraid to ask questions.
We do what's needed to ensure our sites are safer.
We step up and take responsibility.
We hold ourselves accountable.
We stand up for ourselves and others.
We never hide our stuff-ups.
We have the tough conversations.
We don’t care about ruffling a few feathers.
We don’t bend to the status quo.
We never stay indecisive, we make decisions. 
We show people how we do things the Probuild way.
We understand humans are capable of failure, as well as success.


Potential catch-cries

pay attention to the pucker

respect the pucker

daring isn't caring

stop! listen! speak!


we go with our guts

guided by guts

our gut is our guide

stay curious

stay gutsy

we trust our people, we trust our guts

ask — don't assume

check twice

Our business is built on systems and processes. Efficiency, quality, and reliability — these are a few of the reasons we’re at the top of the pack. 

At Probuild we’ve got our systems and processes dialled. But building safety greatness means making the move from compliance to commitment. Doing safety better because we want to, not because we have to.

A big part of this change is reminding ourselves that behind those systems and processes are people. People who care. People we care about.

Before they were protocol, people decided that these were the best way to do things. It wasn’t a machine that made those decisions — we did.

And while they serve us well ninety-nine percent of the time, every system and process has the potential to be flawed. They can never promise a perfect outcome every time, and in every single scenario. 

This is why we trust our gut. 

That feeling — the pucker in the seat of our pants that let’s us know something isn’t quite right. It’s an instinct that’s kept our species alive for centuries, and we’d be downright crazy to ignore it. 

So, when we feel that familiar flutter — the pucker — we stop what we’re doing. We check, we ask, and we speak up if we need to. Even if it turns out to be nothing, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Nothing is perfect, and nothing is set in stone. When we find a better way to do things, we change the system. We put people back into our systems and processes.

Fortunately, we have an amazing team — a wealth of knowledge and expertise on every site. We respect them, we listen to them, and above all...

We care about them — by listening to our gut.


We pay attention to the pucker.
We stop and speak up when something feels off.
We stay ‘present’ whenever we’re on site.
We never assume, we always ask.
We check twice, then we check again.
We respect the systems and processes, but we apply them pragmatically.
We update our systems and processes when we find a better way.
We value the knowledge and expertise we have on site.
We trust our people.
We listen and act when someone comes to us with a problem.


Potential catch-cries:

We go hard

We get it done

Whatever it takes

We never go easy

We’re easy going, but we don’t go easy

Easy going doesn’t mean going easy


We talk about and learn from our mistakes

We’re proud of the work we do and the people we do it with. We hoist the flag for Probuild proudly. 

But we also know that pride can only be maintained through constant improvement.

The moment we go easy, is the moment things go wrong. 

Resting on our reputation or taking it easy. Dropping our guard because things have been going smoothly. Pride comes before the fall. Literally.

Pride is great, but greatness comes from pushing past complacence and the status quo. We never let our standards become standard. We understand that commonplace doesn’t mean common. Doing something daily doesn’t make it insignificant. 

Greatness is about doing the same things day in day out — but doing them better.

This isn’t about easy. We always choose the hard way, if it’s the safer way. We never, ever take shortcuts. We make the extra effort to constantly raise our standards. 

Off-site we may be easy going, but when we’re on the job — we never go easy.


We are never laid back about safety.
We take our work seriously.
We take safety seriously.
We never take shortcuts.
We choose the safe way over the easy way.
We seek greatness in every area, especially safety.
We lead our industry in all areas, from quality to safety.
We hoist the Probuild flag proudly.
We don’t make excuses about safety being too complicated, we just communicate it better.
We make safety every day, but never treat it as ordinary.
We stand tough against mediocrity.
We speak up when something needs to be said.
We show up, even when things get hard.
We put in the extra effort to lift our standards.


Audience Segments




Probuild exec

Probuild safety team

Probuild site managers / supervisors

Probuild employees


Take them on the journey

Build capability

Change behaviours



Change behaviours








Investors / shareholders


Media & public


Communicate our brand promise


Connecting with the frontline


What we know about our frontline is that they're predominantly male and 18–28 years old. This segment is notoriously difficult to connect with for a number of reasons:

1. Our frontal lobe doesn't fully develop until our late 20's. Why's this matter? Well, our frontal is responsible for decision-making. And yeah... making decisions is kind of a big deal when it comes to safety.

2. Young men are essentially pack animals. Drawing attention or standing out can mean being ostracised — a feeling as painful as a nail through the foot. This is at odds with what we need from a good safety culture. We need people to stand up and speak up.

3. This age group is smack bang in the middle of the millennial generation. They way they consume content is very different from their Generation X and Baby Boomer bosses. 

Understanding this segments' interests, communication preferences is crucial to cutting through and connecting with them in our safety messaging.

We need to embrace new channels to engage them. Early ideas include a sharable video series, animated gifs, or memes. There's the potential to use curiosity and guerrilla marketing tactics on social media to appeal to our guys. 

A 2014 & 2016 Neilsen study found the following about this demographic: 

  • Millennial men are the most connected (via smartphone) demographic.
  • They are the early adopters of digital advancements (apps, technology, web, memes, social platforms, etc).
  • They consume content through online video, especially if it's been shared by a mate.
  • This group is the most ethnically diverse generation.
  • They are heavy music listeners.
  • They respond to slapstick, edgy, and sarcastic humour.
  • They connect with content featuring 'normal' guys in extreme situations.